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  • Providing Satellite Broadband for the Rugby world cup FanZones

  • We Provide Broadband in most of Europe

    If you are located in an internet 'not-spot' in Europe find out whether we cover your area.

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  • Get Online With Satellite Broadband

    Up to 15Mbps download speeds to your home no matter where you live in the UK. See our latest packages and special offers.

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  • Run Your Business From Anywhere

    A reliable and secure connection to be used as a primary or backup solution. Satellite broadband can benefit any business.

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  • Remote monitoring using SCADA?

    Satellite Broadband can be used with SCADA monitoring software allowing businesses to remotely monitor a site from their head office. Perfect for renewable energy companies.

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"Satellite broadband is a truly UK wide solution for those suffering with slow internet speeds. We can provide you with a full system that will get you up to speed."

Home Broadband

home satellite broadband solutionsSatellite broadband is a great solution for your home, especially if you live in a particually rural area.

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Renewable energy

scada satellite broadbandWe provide broadband satellite solutions for renewable companies. HySpeed gives you secure, flexible and reliable connection.
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Pay As You Go

pay as you go packagesPay as you go satellite broadband puts you in charge, top up when you want, use the Internet as you want and best of all no monthly contracts!

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new satellite broadband packages

Having a fast broadband connection should not be dependent on where you live!

HySpeed Broadband provides satellite broadband throughout the UK. Satellite broadband is unique as it does not rely on telephone lines and exchange points in order to receive a fast connection, you can live anywhere in the UK that has a line of sight to the satellite and you will be able to receive any of our packages.

We also specialise in satellite broadband for businesses offering unique packages to the tourism industry as well as renewable energy companies across the UK. We are able to provide all the equipment needed including firewalls, Static IP addresses and pre-configured routers.

We would love to help you and can work around your specific needs. Contact us if you need further information or would like to discuss an upcoming project to see if we could be of assistance.

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