Pay As You Go Satellite Broadband

Pay as you go satellite broadband is the newest service offered by HySpeed Broadband. It is perfect for consumers who need flexibility and choice when it comes to using a satellite broadband connection.

How pay as you go satellite broadband works

The Setup Process

The setup of the system is exactly the same as our home satellite broadband packages. We will arrange with you an engineer to visit your home or site where the satellite broadband system is to be installed. We will then ship the equipment ready for the installation date.

paygserviceTopping Up

Pay as you go works by topping up your system when you need to use it. It comes preloaded with 1GB, and you can top up as much as you want, when you need to use it. You’re able to monitor your usage to see how much data you are using, if you need any help with how much data you might use on a monthly basis, we can help you. Once a top up booster has been purchased it is valid for 30 days, if you order additional top up boosters further down the line the 30 days will be reset for all data (including leftover data).

Pay as you go packages give the user a download speed of 4Mbps which is plenty for general surfing. At any time you wish to switch to a pay monthly package we can assist you to make the transition.

How do I know I’m out of data?

Before your reach 0GB you will receive a notification e-mail stating you have 200MBs or less. You will then have the option to top up your account or resume using the rest of your data.

How to order pay as you go satellite broadband

You are able to order your contract free satellite broadband package by calling us on 0203 582 1366.