Mobile VSAT Solution

Kymeta Hi-Tech Antenna for satellite terminal


The Kymeta innovative antenna-powered satellite terminal is flat, light and has absolutely no moving parts. Now every mile of track is covered. No gaps in service. Just connectivity without compromise.

With this technology low maintenance solutions in place, connectivity becomes cost effective to utilize across freight and passenger trains. It makes crossing broad geographies without losing connectivity possible. Access is omnipresent and easy to buy and use. Now that’s connectivity that will keep you on track.


  • Flat panel for invisible, seamless, Low-profile installation options
  • No moving parts for low maintenance and reliable connectivity
  • Remote updates, delivering enhance performance Improvements and new features
  • Tx/Rx on a single panel

Government & Military

The terminal is lightweight, low profile, no moving parts, high throughput, low power antennas are transforming government and defence Communications on the Move (COTM) and expeditionary Communications on the Pause (COTP) applications. The Government Solutions is a purpose built, focused on the unique use cases and needs of government and defence end users. 


Internet of things

This gives you more connectivity to more things, from goods management to commercial operations. Anything that can be connected, anything that provides data points, anything that supports more efficiency.





There are few environments as harsh as those found in the oil, gas and energy industries. From remote offshore platforms to isolated natural gas facilities, connectivity is a critical asset in these environments. High speed access provides the ability to monitor energy centres via live video feeds, and obtain real time data and analytics that can be used to improve efficiency, control environmental impacts and enhance safety.

This technology makes this possible, enabling connectivity for the most remote sites. The technology is flat, lightweight and has no moving parts – making it a reliable solution in multiple environments that requires minimal maintenance. Now that’s powerful.




Emergency Responders

Connectivity is very important even during a major disaster. The technology is flat, light and simple to set up, so emergency personnel can communicate and coordinate responses quickly and seamlessly.