Hotel Broadband

offer your guests more with hotel broadband

Satellite Internet for Hotels and B&B's

The travel and tourism sector has seen an increase in demand for internet connections, it is now almost expected in all types of accommodation to be able to receive a signal which allows the visitor to keep up with their e-mails, update social media channels, or find things to do locally.

Offer Your Guests More

The service we are offering makes having an internet connection possible for any location across the UK. It does not rely on cables which are laid, or the closest exchange point, all we need is a line of sight to the satellite (Hylas2). Our solution is more cost effective than you think when the hotel is quiet or empty in the off season, you pay little or nothing. You could even benefit from an additional revenue stream!

Starter Broadband System

Co-operative Broadband System

4Mbps Download 4Mbps Download
No Monthly Subscription No monthly subscription
Guests pay per hour/day for usage Guests pay per hour/day for usage
Become a wi-fi hotspot Become a wi-fi hotspot
low initial cost Gain additional revenue from usage

A low start up system as the name suggests, gets you up and running with an internet connection for minimal cost. It allows you to offer a complete Wi-Fi service throughout the rooms at your guests' expense to use as and when they please.

Alternatively pay the full cost of hardware and installation and gain a revenue stream from offering guests Wi-Fi when stay with you.

With the increasing demand for Internet wherever you stay, our cost effective solutions give you the opportunity to offer your guests more give us a call today on 0203 582 1366 for more information about any of these solutions.