Satellite Broadband For Your Business

Renewable energy companies

Renewable energy companies


hotel satellite broadband solutionsSatellite Broadband for Hotels
The tourism industry is growing throughout the UK and now tourists are looking for Wi-FI access as a desirable feature of any accomodation. Our satellite broadband systems allow even the most rural hotels and guest houses the ability to offer their guests a Wi-Fi solution.

Hotel Broadband

scada applications using satellite broadbandSCADA Satellite Broadband 
SCADA applications allow remote sites to be monitored without having personnel on site. Head offices can run their business from one location. Becuase of these remote sites a broadband infrastructure might not be in place. With the use of Satellite Broadband we enable the use of SCADA applications in the most rural areas of the UK.

SCADA Solutions

static IP addressesSatellite Broadband with a Static IP 
Along with our satellite broadband services we can provide you with a Static IP address. These can be requested and added to your monthly package price.

Static IP Addresses

backup broadband solutionsBack-up Broadband
Could your business go without internet? Many companies use the internet constantly for all business aspects. If the primary system fails having a back-up ensures your business can carry on running.

Back-Up Solutions

festivals and event temporary solutionsEvents and Festivals
Events and Festival often need a broadband connection for both communication and security. A satellite broadband connection gives easy access to rural events providing the service they need to operate efficently.


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security solutions using satellite broadbandSecurity Solutions
All businnesses should invest in security which can protect your business and grow with your business. Our security solutions offer protection from both physical and virtual threats keeping your business up and running.

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