How Satellite Broadband Works

Unlike ADSL no phone line is needed, you simply need to be in the coverage area over the UK and have a line of site to the satellite which is not impeded by trees, mountains or other houses. In most cases line of sight is available, but it’s always good to check before purchasing a system.

Once connected, the system works by sending signals from the Earth Station located in Goonhilly to the HYLAS 1 satellite orbiting earth and back down to the dish mounted at your home or place of work. The process is then reversed making the connection a Two-way connection as the dish can send and receive signals. This is also the reason why we cannot use TV dishes as they can only receive a signal.

The service is suitable for any computer and by using a wireless router your service can be distributed to a number of computers throughout the home or office.


Included with the hardware: 

- Outdoor unit consisting of a 74cm antenna.

- 30m RG6 cable

- Satellite Modem, Hughes HN9200

- 1Watt RF Unit (ODU)

- Router (optional)

The Hughes HN9250 is a high-performance Ka band broadband satellite router. Features include accelerated TCP and HTTP performance, including HTTP pre-fetch (objects are locally cached on the HN9250) along with DNS caching to enable fast Web browsing. Integrated header and packet payload compression conserves bandwidth and contributes to high performance. An integrated LAN sniffer eliminates the need for on-site presence during troubleshooting.

HughesNet AN8-074P 74cm Ka band satellite dish and transmit receive integral assembly (TRIA), low noise block converter (LNB) and block upload converter (BUC)

30m high quality RG6 co-axial cable and connectors

Installation options: 

A standard installation will be charged at £162 this is in the case that access is not restricted and the cable run does not exceed 30m from the antenna to the modem. If access is restricted (or is higher than first storey) then this would not be a standard installation and you will be quoted by the installer on site survey.