Frequently Asked Questions


  • What do I need to do in order to sign up for this service?

    Once you have selected the package you require, you can pay online for the first month of service, hardware and installation (if required). We will then send you a starter pack which will include a standing order form; you should fill this out and send it back to us along with your signed contract.

  • Is there a commitment?

    Yes. The subscription contract is for either 12 months or 24 months. If for any reason you choose to stop the service before the end of the contract the balance left on your contract will still be payable.

  • Do I need any software on my computer?

    All you need is an internet browser.

  • Can I use my existing VSAT Hardware?

    The hardware that you use will need to be compatible with our service and needs to support KA band. It would be best if you contact us and ask to ensure the hardware is compatible.

  • Can I use a TV satellite dish?

    No. A VSAT dish has a higher standard than a TV dish (TVRO or RxO). A TV antenna would not transmit the signal to the satellite correctly, and are produced to receive only. Whereas, a satellite internet dish is produced to transmit and receive.

  • What is the Welsh Broadband Scheme?

    The Welsh broadband scheme is set up to help residents and bsuinesses in Wales get up to speed. More information can be seen on the welsh broadband scheme page.

  • How much data do I need?

    We have estimated the amount of browsing you will be able to do with different data packages, take a look at our data usage calculator if you are not to sure how much you will need.


  • What will be included in a standard installation?

    For a standard installation there must be clear access to the installation site (and must be no higher than the first storey). The installer will have the necessary equipment and a 30m cable in order to carry out the installation. If a longer cable is needed, this will be at an extra cost. If the installation is a non-standard one, then the installer will make you aware of the extra charges before starting the job.

  • Can I connect several computers to this service?

    Yes this is possible; however you will need a wireless router. These can be found in any retail computer shop. If you need further information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • The LED light on the modem is off, what could be causing this?

    First of all make sure that the satellite modem is receiving power, make sure that the DC power cord is securely connected to the modem. The LAN LED should be always lit (it may blink if there is activity on the LAN). You should also ensure that the Ethernet cable is securely attached to both the sat modem and your computer as this can also cause the LED light to be off.

  • Why has my internet speed slowed down?

    This could be down to throttling. Our satellite boradband systems give each customer a data limit. If this data limit is exceeded Avanti may throttle the service so no subsuquence costs are made.

If you have any further questions please e-mail us and we will answer them as soon as possible, alternatviely give us a call, we're always happy to help. 

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Call: 0203 582 1366

If you are having trouble with our service call us as soon as possible and we will try and solve your issue.