About HySpeed Broadband

HySpeed Broadband is a satellite broadband provider based in the UK. Our services extend over the usual cable broadband areas and allow us to provide broadband;throughout;the UK, even in the most rural of areas. This is a great solution for those suffering with their internet speeds. Because satellite broadband is a two-way service it means there is no need for a telephone line to even is present, in fact we can even provide you with a telephone line along with your broadband connection as a solution.

We have installation engineers located throughout the UK who are ready to arrange an installation with you.

Our Team

Our team are dedicated to helping each customer individually, from large companies with multiple sites, to the single consumer. Our packages are designed to offer a solution for each person that will work. if you are unsure of any of the technical terms we will always be on the other end of the phone to help you understand and offer the best advice.

Our team is quite small, and hopefully you will get to learn some of the names of the people working with us. We go beyond other companies when it comes to customer service and would like to say we know each of our customers by name and not customer identity. We think its great when a customer can ring us and ask for a specific employee who they know has been dealing with their connection from the initial install and throughout their contract.